Enjoy coffee in style

The automatic built-in coffee machine in the Excellence Line

Perfect coffee is just a touch of a button away

Whether it's ristretto, espresso, cappuccino, latte macchiato or flat white, the Excellence Line coffee machine brews your favourite beverage to perfection at the touch of a button. Never before has it been so easy to enjoy the perfect coffee experience. The strength and size of any coffee speciality can be customised and saved as a favourite. The intuitive graphic display ensures quick and easy operation. And best of all, the machine cleans and descales itself automatically. 

Intuitive operation

Simply perfect: With five pre-set coffee strengths and five cup sizes, the intuitive full graphic display allows you to create your own customised coffee. You can also select your preferred coffee temperature.


Perfectly brewed coffee for every taste.

Perfect frothed milk

Three ways

Whether it's for cappuccino, latte macchiato or caffè latte, the integrated milk frother with three levels prepares the perfect frothed milk every time.


Simply automatic

Keeping your coffee machine clean is effortless thanks to the automatic cleaning and descaling programmes. The inner tank of the heated milk container is also dishwasher-safe.

Minimalist design

Perfectly coordinated

Looks matter: the Excellence Line coffee machine can be elegantly combined with all other appliances of this generation, including ovens, steamers and WineCoolers.

Experience our coffee machines for yourself

Would you like to learn more and find out which appliances are best suited to your requirements? You can try out the Excellence Line for yourself on our cookery courses and at our live demonstrations. Visit your nearest ZUGORAMA, where our advisers can answer all your questions and recommend the best product for you.

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In our how-to videos, we demonstrate selected appliances in the Excellence Line step by step – from first-time use to various functions and cleaning. Much easier than referring to a manual!

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