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CookTops in the Excellence Line

Because cooking should be a pleasure

The CookTop range in the Excellence Line combines state-of-the-art technology and elegant design. From induction hobs with automatic pan detection to a generously sized touch-screen graphic display on selected models, CookTop puts you in complete control of your pots and pans.

Elegant, flexible and space-saving

The CombiCookTop features an integrated range hood which is recessed into the glass of the hob. This allows vapours to be removed directly at the point they are generated. In this way the hob combines two appliances in one, providing more freedom in kitchen planning and more space when cooking.

"Imagine you walk into your kitchen and you feel that this place is truly made for you."

For flexibility when cooking

Room for all your requirements: the two cooking zones of the CombiCookTop V4000 detect the size and position of the pans automatically. Thanks to the smart MemoryFunction, the CombiCookTop detects when a pan is moved and remembers its new position.

"Perfection means nothing 
if you can not feel it."

Design meets intuition

Like all appliances in the Excellence Line, the CombiCookTops combine intuitive operator guidance and minimalist design. They integrate perfectly into any kitchen while satisfying all your requirements for both everyday and special-occasion cooking.

For everyday and special-occasion cooking

Where precision meets the passion of cooking, the hobs of the Excellence Line unite innovative power with maximum flexibility.

Easy cleaning

Shining results

The CombiCookTop is very easy to care for. Even the filter cartridge in the recessed range hood is dishwasher-safe, while the Longlife Plus activated charcoal filter can be regenerated in the oven. 


Connected and smart 

The hob and recessed range hood communicate with each other so that the extraction strength is automatically regulated. This leaves you free to concentrate on cooking.

Touch-screen graphic display

Intuitive and versatile

The touch-screen graphic display of the CombiCookTop is intuitive to use and offers a wide range of functions. From melting and warming to simmering and automatic boil, there's a suitable function for every recipe.

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