Innovative functions, excellent design

Ovens in the Excellence Line

High-quality, reliable and flexible

Designed with clean, minimalist lines, ovens from the Excellence Line allow you to create sophisticated dishes with minimal effort. The wide range of operating modes offer everything you could possibly wish for, from customisable settings to automatic programmes that launch at the touch of a button. Selected appliances also come with the innovative AutoDoor function, which opens and closes the door automatically. With their refined look, the ovens blend elegantly into any type of kitchen – but they do so much more than just make a visual statement.


No need to keep an eye on the clock: Spend more time with your guests: using sensors, the appliance automatically detects the quantity and size of the dish and selects the appropriate operating mode with exactly the right temperature and duration.

Simple, flexible and reliable for maximum enjoyment

Our ovens are designed to make your life easierleaving you to create sophisticated dishes with minimal effort. 


Convenient settings 

Cooking has never been easier: with pre-settings for over 250 foods, you can achieve optimum results at the touch of a button. You easily find the ideal operating mode, time and temperature for the perfect results every time. 

Soft roasting

Filets à point

The soft roasting application allows you to cook meat exactly to your liking. The 3-point food probe guarantees perfect, flavoursome results at the desired time, all at the touch of a button.


Crisp and golden-brown

Hot air combined with bottom heat gives your pizzas, focaccias and tarts a golden-brown top and crisp base.

See our ovens in action 

Would you like to learn more and find out which appliances are best suited to your requirements? You can try out the Excellence Line for yourself on our cookery courses and at our live demonstrations. Visit your nearest ZUGORAMA, where our advisers can answer all your questions and recommend the best product for you.

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Service and support – before and after purchase

Over a third of our team are dedicated solely to customer care and the care of your appliances – before you purchase, during the purchase and long afterwards.

Phone support

You can contact the V-ZUG service team directly on our free number. We're available from Monday to Friday, 7.30am - 12 noon and 1pm - 5pm. 

Make an appointment 

If you have any questions or problems, please contact us or make an appointment online (which you can also do outside phone support hours).  

How-to videos

In our how-to videos, we demonstrate selected appliances in the Excellence Line step by step – from first-time use to various functions and cleaning. Much easier than referring to a manual!

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