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Steamers in the Excellence Line

Fast, easy, stylish 
– an inspiring cooking experience 

For 20 years we've been developing and manufacturing our steamers in Switzerland, bringing perfection and premium quality to your kitchen with the Excellence Line. Soft roasting, professional baking or Vacuisine – with our professional applications, optimum results are guaranteed for perfect evenings. With the new CombiSteamer V6000 45M PowerSteam, the cooking time is reduced by almost half without sacrificing either quality or taste.

Triple excellence

Whether creative everyday cooking or haute cuisine for family and friends: With our steamers, you can succeed in a wide variety of dishes with playful ease. Discover the Excellence Line now. 


The innovative all-rounders

With steam functions for every type of dish, the steamers in the Excellence Line provide exactly the right preparation while retaining most nutrients. For healthy eating every day or on special occasions.


For all your needs

CombairSteamers in the Excellence Line combine the classic functions of an oven with steam functions and professional programmes, opening up whole new possibilities in cooking. 


Combining steam and hot air

CombiSteamers in the Excellence Line combine the hot air and steam operating modes. The PowerSteam also comes with microwave functions. For perfect results every time.

Healthy lifestyle, perfect results

The PowerSteam prepares food gently for maximum flavour. Using steam prevents the food from drying out and helps retain vitamins, minerals and trace elements as well as the colour, texture and flavour of the ingredients.

"For me, cooking is 
the opposite of competition."

More time, the quality you expect

The PowerSteam is the perfect combination of a combi-steam cooker and a high-end microwave, and will help you cook elaborate meals quickly and with little effort. With its innovative power unit, it will also let you steam meals 30% more quickly and regenerate food up to 40% more quickly than any other V-ZUG steamer. 

"In lifeyou always need something 
 balance you out."

Design meets functionality

Like all appliances in the Excellence Line, the PowerSteam combines revolutionary operator guidance with minimalist design. It is intuitively operated with the CircleSlider, which has a brushed surface for precise control. The timeless design integrates perfectly into any kitchen while satisfying all your expectations in terms of quality and functionality. 

For everyday and special-occasion cooking 

With the various applications of steamers, CombiSteamers and CombairSteamers, you can achieve fast and creative dishes, from everyday cooking to forays into haute cuisine.


Cooking has never been easier

Convenient settings: with pre-settings for over 250 foods, you can achieve optimum results at the touch of a button. You easily find the ideal operating mode, time and temperature for the perfect dish every time.


No need to keep an eye 
on the clock

No manual configuration necessary: using sensors, the appliance automatically detects the quantity and size of the dish and selects the appropriate operating mode with exactly the right temperature and duration.


How professional chefs cook

Vacuisine, or sous vide, refers to even cooking at under 100°C in vacuum-sealed bags. It's a straightforward, stress-free way to cook that allows you to spend more time with your guests. The steamer does all the work, so you can serve a perfectly cooked dish at the desired time.  

See our steamers in action

Would you like to learn more and find out which appliances are best suited to your requirements? You can try out the Excellence Line for yourself on our cookery courses and at our live demonstrations. Visit your nearest ZUGORAMA, where our advisers can answer all your questions and recommend the best product for you. 

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