Beautifully presented and kept at the perfect temperature

WineCoolers in the Excellence Line

Ideal climate for serving the perfect wine

For a wine to be enjoyed to its full potential, the right serving temperature is crucial. So if you want to enjoy wines at the perfect temperature at home, the WineCoolers in the Excellence Line are the ideal solution. The full-surface mirror glass front reflects its surroundings to blend seamlessly into any kitchen architecture.


Open with style: The TouchOpen function allows the glass door to be opened with just a gentle touch. The handle-free design maintains clean lines in your kitchen. 

Ideal climate for serving the perfect wine

Minimalist design

Safe storage

WineCoolers in the Excellence Line design combine aesthetics with timeless elegance and clean lines. The WineCooler in the Supreme Line also features a black mirror glass door to protect your wine from quality-impairing UV radiation while presenting it elegantly.

Select wines

Beautifully presented

The WineCoolers have plenty of space for all your favourite vintages, which they present to perfection. The modern LED lighting beautifully illuminates the interior. The wooden racks of the WineCooler V4000 90 can also be pulled into an angled presentation position to give you a clear view of your wines.

Flexible climate zones

Optimum storage

Two different climate zones allow you to store your red and white wines separately at just the right temperature. The temperature scale ranges from 5 °C to 20 °C. 

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