Intuitive design

We're proud to offer the easiest-to-operate appliances on the market

We believe in simplexity: combining complex technology with optimal ease of use. Whether you're a professional or an occasional cook, young or old, we want our appliances to be effortless to use from the very beginning.

New user experience with the Excellence Line


The app allows you to position frequently used functions and favourite settings in a prominent place on the TouchDisplay of your oven or steamer.


Both navigation and menu are designed to mimic human thinking and responses, so operating the appliance feels natural right from the start.


The user interface is designed to be self-explanatory, with as few clicks as possible being required. This ensures that you don't lose precious time when operating your appliance.

Discover the Excellence Line

Our new generation of appliances

«Design is the art of blending function and aesthetics to create a user experience that makes everyday life easier and more inspiring.»

Kevin Perlinger, User Experience Designer

Intuitive learning

Inspirational user experience

A description of each application is now shown on the large TouchDisplay of each steamer or oven. You can see which dishes each application is most suitable for and find inspiration to try new cooking processes.

Your new kitchen helper

Cooking has never been easier

If you aren't sure how best to prepare a certain dish or type of food, simply select the appropriate food in the EasyCook application. The appliance suggests the perfect operating mode, including the time and temperature. The suggested process can be started with one fingertip.

The magic lies in the details

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