Seamless design

Appliances that fit perfectly into every kitchen

In recent years, the kitchen has become a space where people don't just cook, but live. So it's important to us that our appliances don't dominate the space, but fit in with the existing ambiance and kitchen architecture.

«Our appliances are designed to integrate seamlessly into the architecture of the space and not stand out as mere technical objects.»

Martin von Freeden, design team leader

Swiss design that suits every kitchen


The Excellence Line is designed to be harmonious without being visually distracting. When the appliance is switched off, the display is dark, so it discreetly fades into the background.


Our new generation of appliances has a minimalist design that blends into any kitchen – whether the look is modern elegance or traditional charm.


The high-quality mirror glass is distinctive yet unobtrusive. The reflectiveness allows the appliance to blend in perfectly with the colours and brightness of its surroundings.

Discover the Excellence Line

Our new generation of appliances

Black AND Platinum

New colours for even better integration

Our classic black mirror glass is now joined by the new, elegant Platinum version. This warmer tone is especially suitable for creating softer transitions in bright kitchens. The metallic champagne tone adds a unique touch to both bright and dark kitchens.

Perfectly coordinated

More freedom to combine appliances

With standardised front panels and other design adaptations, the ovens, steamers, Coffee-Centers and WineCoolers in the Excellence Line can be combined in any way you wish. Together these appliances make a product family with a distinctive, graceful character all of its own.

The magic lies in the details

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