Sustainable design

Strategy and long-term investment

Sustainability is at the core of everything we do – from the development of durable, energy-efficient appliances to carbon-neutral production and long-term investment in our Swiss production facilities.

Efficient production of the Excellence Line

Designed for the circular economy

When we design our appliances, we always think about the complete life cycle. This starts from the first sketch and continues until the recycling process.

Modular construction

Our appliances are modular, which reduces the number of components and suppliers as well as the amount of warehouse space required.

Making double use of energy

Our new manufacturing processes use waste heat in other stages of production, which saves energy.

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Our new generation of appliances

«For me excellence means durability, reducing things to the essential, and achieving a balance between nature, people and business.»

Peter Spirig, CEO

Carbon-neutral production

Avoiding, reducing and offsetting emissions

Since 2020, our appliances have been manufactured on a carbon-neutral basis. For emissions that can't yet be avoided, we have introduced an internal carbon levy of CHF 120 per ton. This goes into a fund that is used to finance projects that prevent, reduce and offset emissions – for example, developing our photovoltaic systems and increasing use of waste heat.


Putting down roots for the future

Carbon emissions that cannot yet be avoided in production are fully offset through the tree planting project V-Forest. Planting trees is one of the most efficient ways of removing CO2 from the atmosphere, helping to combat climate change and promote biodiversity. V-Forest is managed in partnership with the Ripa Gar Foundation in Glen Lochay in the Scottish Highlands.

Swiss-made sustainability

Twice the performance, half the floor space

In investing in our manufacturing site, our aim is to secure the long-term future of Swiss quality. Through the construction project V-ZUG 2033, we will double our production capacity while using just half the previous floor space. To achieve this, we are building a vertical factory. The centrepiece of this strategy is the Zephyr Hangar, commissioned in 2020, which combines state-of-the-art manufacturing technology with our sustainability goals. The main material used in its construction is wood, an eco-friendly material, and the entire roof is fitted with photovoltaic panels.

«For us, Switzerland's high environmental standards, highly qualified workforce and commitment to quality are what make it such a special location.»

Marcel Niederberger, Head of Sustainability

The magic lies in the details

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