Perfection that you can feel

The Excellence Line by V-ZUG

Excellence in design, innovative functions

The Excellence Line stands for an inspiring cooking experience combined with unique design. With innovative features and outstanding quality, you can achieve excellent results of the highest calibre. 

Perfection for your kitchen 

The appliances in the Excellence Line combine minimalist design with revolutionary operator guidance. The steamers and ovens come with innovations such as the CircleSlider, while the induction hobs offer impressive flexibility. From everyday cooking to creative forays into haute cuisine, you have everything under control. Whether you need to sear, gently steam or reheat without loss of quality, Excellence Line appliances promise outstanding, flavourful results.

New product: PowerSteam 

The new CombiSteamer V6000 45M PowerSteam is V-ZUG's fastest combi-steam cooker and combines hot air, steam and microwave functions: for perfect results in no time. 

The highlights of the Excellence Line


Revolutionary operation 

The innovative CircleSlider is integrated into the glass of the touch display. Its polished surface enables precise control. What's more, the CircleSlider also displays the progress of the cooking process.


The personal touch 

The high-resolution touch display is unique in its size and can be personalised to suit your requirements. All functions and settings are self-explanatory and intuitive to use. 


Your personal concierge 

Minimalist design meets innovative technology. With AutoDoor, the door opens and closes automatically with a simple touch on the display. 

Experience the Excellence Line for yourself

Would you like to learn more and find out which appliances are best suited to your requirements? You can try out the Excellence Line for yourself on our cookery courses and at our live demonstrations. Visit your nearest V-ZUG Studio, where our consultants can answer all your questions and recommend the best product for you. 

The Excellence Line in your home

A lifetime of inspiring and exciting people with simple solutions – our ambitious goal goes far beyond simply developing and manufacturing high-quality household appliances. In the high standards we set ourselves for design and environmental awareness, we look at both the big picture and the details. To reduce our environmental footprint we develop and manufacture our appliances in Switzerland, use high-quality materials that are made to last and opt for innovative technologies for greater energy efficiency. 

Premium quality

The Excellence Line stands for maximum functionality with elegant, minimalist design. High-quality workmanship and the use of carefully selected materials make for durable products and an uncompromising user experience.  

Innovative operation 

With revolutionary features such as the CircleSlider, touch display and AutoDoor, the operation of Excellence Line appliances is quick and customisable. Interaction with these unique features is designed to be completely intuitive. 

Excellence in design 

For us, design excellence is reflected in being pared back to the essentials, in intuitive operation and in the careful use of natural resources. This is what drives us to perfect the timeless aesthetics, user-friendliness and durability of our appliances down to the very last detail. 

Service and support

Customer care 

Our team is dedicated solely to customer care and the care of your appliances – before you purchase, during the purchase and long afterwards. 

Retailer search

We sell our appliances through qualified specialist retailers who have been trained by us and know every last detail. We will be happy to help you find your nearest specialist retailer. 

How-to videos

In our how-to videos, we demonstrate selected appliances in the Excellence Line step by step – from first-time use to various functions and cleaning. Much easier than referring to a manual!