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The magic lies in the details

Swiss perfection for your home

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Excellence is the sum of every last detail

Unbelievable precision, a distinctive yet sleek design, complex technology that’s straightforward to use – now that’s what we call magic. It comes about when all of the details are perfectly coordinated and excellence can be found in every last one.

Our design standards

For us, design excellence is reflected in being pared back to the essentials, in intuitive operation and in the careful use of natural resources. This is what drives us to perfect the timeless aesthetics, user-friendliness and durability of our appliances down to the very last detail. 

Intuitive design

The revolutionised operation of the oven and steamer in the Excellence Line takes the cooking experience to a whole new level. The displays are self-explanatory and guide you to the functions you need in no time. Settings can be easily customised and interaction with both the hardware and software is entirely intuitive. 

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Sustainable design

We take a comprehensive view of sustainability. With this in mind, our appliances are developed and produced in Zug to conserve resources. What’s more, they are also incredibly impressive in use in terms of their energy efficiency. The high-quality materials ensure a long service life and most of them are recyclable. 

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Forward-thinking design

We design our appliances with the claim that they will be just as impressive in ten years as they are today – and that’s inside and out. The prerequisites for this are high-quality materials, a puristic and timeless design, and innovative technology.

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Seamless design

The design of the Excellence Line is both elegant and understated. Pared back to the essentials, it offers impressive symmetry and timeless aesthetics. The mirrored glass fronts of the appliances reflect their surroundings, allowing them to blend in seamlessly with any type of kitchen. 

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Innovative features 


Intuitive, customisable and clear

Our high-resolution touch display is unique in size and offers exceptional comfort of use. It gives you the option to choose between an app view or a list view. You can also save frequently used functions and individual settings as favourites and add them to the start screen as you wish.  


Perfectly integrated, practical and interactive

The CircleSlider revolutionises the way we control our ovens and steamers. The innovative adjusting knob is inserted into the glass of the touch display. Its roughened surface allows it to respond to your controls with maximum precision. What’s more, the CircleSlider also displays the progress of the cooking process.


Advanced, unique and self-regulating

An appliance equipped with AutoDoor can say goodbye to handles. This is because the door opens and closes automatically with just the lightest touch on the touch display. The AutoDoor can also open automatically during or at the end of selected cooking processes to regulate the humidity and heat in the cooking chamber. 




Discover the appliances in the Excellence Line

The Excellence Line appliances set new standards in terms of design, ease of use and innovation. Together they form a distinctive, elegant product family that shares the same look and feel and can be perfectly integrated into any kitchen.

Stories, news and more from V-ZUG

A lifetime of inspiring and exciting people with simple solutions – our ambitious goal goes way beyond simply developing and manufacturing high-quality household appliances. This is why we always try to take a holistic view and focus more on our employees, the environment and society as a whole.

Product Manager

"We’ve taken a huge leap forwards with our software"

Pretty on the outside, pretty complex on the inside. Yves Willener* and his team have built a new software architecture which also features a framework for innovative operating controls.

From V-ZUG Redaktion - Aline on September 28, 2021

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Design Team

“We would never have imagined that the processes would be so complex”

How do you get the perfect cooking results? Sonja Haucke and Janika Merz from Applications Technology know the parameters behind the applications.

From V-ZUG Redaktion - Sandra on February 26, 2021

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people behind Excellence Line

“It’s like when you’re buying a car: you need to check the paintwork and glass extremely carefully.”

Producing the Excellence Line also requires manual assembly work. Shpresim Balazi installs the appliance doors. This task calls for precise manual work and a keen eye.

From Redaktion - Sandra on July 20, 2021

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Global reference projects

Discover the unique integration and Swiss perfection of our kitchen and fabric care appliances in exquisite living spaces and exceptional building projects around the world. 


Armani City

Completed in 2018, the Beijing Armani City Residence project was designed by architect Ma Yansong and Armani. V-ZUG was chosen to further reflect the design concept – the traditional Chinese idea of harmony between people and the earth.

Armani City